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David Weekley Family Foundation: About

David & Bonnie Weekley

The David Weekley Family Foundation (DWFF) was established in 1990 with profits from David Weekley Homes, a U.S. homebuilding company started by David Weekley in 1976 with support from his older brother, Richard. The financial success of the company makes it possible to contribute a significant portion of its earnings to the foundation.

DWFF is guided by the belief that everyone has a responsibility to give back and serve others by investing one’s treasures, talent and time to make a difference in communities throughout the world.

“We are each unique and have the ability to positively impact the world,” says David. “When we use our God-given gifts and resources to serve one another, our lives become more joyful and meaningful.”

David Weekley Family Foundation: About

Robin Weekley Bruce


Over the last 20 years, the Weekley family has given to numerous worthy causes and organizations, both nationally and abroad. A recent focus for the foundation includes social enterprises working to combat extreme poverty across the globe. 

While the Foundation believes that financial support is necessary, they advocate for teaching people how to help themselves. David has been known to lend his business and entrepreneurial expertise to help struggling organizations develop a long-term strategy for growth and continued development.

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David Weekley, President

Bonnie Weekley, Secretary

Robin Weekley Bruce, Vice President